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An explanation of Alfiyyat-ul-^Iraqiyy in the Science of al-Hadith. Bad Cradit Loans A poem in at-Tawhid (Islamic Belief) of about sixty lines. As-Sirat-ul-Mustaqim in at-Tawhid, published. Ad-Dalil-ul-Qawim ^alas-Sirat-il-Mustaqim in at-Tawhid, published. Mukhtasaru ^Abdillah-il-Harariyy, al-Kafilu bi ^Ilm-id-Din-id-Daruriyy, published. Bughyat-ut-Talib lima^rifat-il-^Ilm-id-Diniyy-il-Wajib, published. At-Ta^aqqub-ul-Hathith ^ala man ta^ana fima sahha min-al-Hadith,

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