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Jesus the Son of Mary

Praise and thanks belong to the Creator There has been much controversy surrounding the life of Jesus and the nature of his message and mission.  God-willing, in this short pamphlet, we hope to shed some insight into the genuine teachings of Jesus, the Messiah. major credit reporting

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The Belief in Prophet Muhammad: an Overview for Fresh Converts

Muslims believe that Muhammad (son of ^Abdullah, the son of ^Abdul Muttalib, the son of Haashim, the son of ^Abdu Manaaf, of the noblest Arab tribe: Quraysh) was God”s last Prophet and Messenger (may Allah raise his rank). He was sent to both Jinn (invisible beings that

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Masters of Humanity

The Prophets have the greatest mission, which is, to convey the Creator’s Holy Revelation to the people. They inform the people about the correct belief in the Creator.

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