The Defender of the Creed of Ahlu-s-Sunnah

Yearly archive for 2012

Upholding The Methodology of the Master of Messengers

In this book, we list the names of some scholars of Islam who were honored to reside in the region of Hijaz (such as Makkah and Madinah). In addition, we mention some of their saying about the creed of Ahlu Sunnah, about (tawassul), about (ziyarah) and about

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Sunni Shaykhs in Ethiopia Defending Shaykh Abdullah

Sh the Grandson of Sh Jamaludin Aniy.(well Know & respected Sheikh of Ethiopia) He explains that the teachings of Sh Abdullah al Harari, is the same as the teachings of His Grandfather, Sh Aniy; and not like the Rumors the Wahabis have Put out on the streets.

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The Truth about Shaykh ^Abdullah Al-Harariyy

The Truth About Shaykh Abdullah al-Harariyy

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Sources of Knowledge (3)

Knowledge, according to the terminology of the scholars of Uŝūl, is to know the known thing (i.e., to realize that which its case is that it would be known) whether existent or not, as it is in reality. That is such as realizing (i.e., conceiving) the human being to be a living creature that utters, or realizing that the world, which is everything other than Allāh, is an occurrence.

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