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God Exists without a Place

Allah existed without a place and willed for the existence of time. God is not bound to time and is not designated with place.

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Precious Pearls

This is an elucidation of the Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama^ah: 1. Allah is One, without any partners. gauranteed loan 3. Allah is the Eternal without a beginning. Allah is Everlasting without an end. 6. No delusions can conceive Allah, and no comprehension can fathom His Reality. 7. Allah

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Gems of Jannah

Incomparability of Allah 1. Do not resemble Allah unto anything. (An-Nahl, 64) 2. The Creator does not resemble anything among the creations. bad credit student loans bank (Abu Hanifah, Fiqhul-Akbar) 3. Knowing you are incapable of imaging Allah is knowledge in itself. Attempting to fathom Allah’s Reality is disbelief

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Allah Exists without place or direction

Some asked: I am a student at the college of Shari^ah and I have learned and studied in the Science of Belief that Allah exists without being in a place, and that He is not placed in any direction. So please give me a fatwa on this,

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The Guiding Creed

Shaykh Fakhrud-Din Ibn ^Asakir, may Allah have mercy upon him, said: Know, may Allah guide us and you, that it is obligatory upon every accountable person to know that Allah is the only God in His Dominion. instructedyour firstharley loan He created the entire world, the upper

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The Glimmering Gems

Preface The compilation of all material, within the pages of this booklet, on the subject of the ”Islamic Creed of AHLUSSUNNAH WAL JAMA^AH is in response to the detrimental absence of such necessary information at this time and age. This Creed is that of the Ashariyyah and

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