The Defender of the Creed of Ahlu-s-Sunnah


The Association of Islamic Charitable Projects (AICP) sadly announces the death of the great scholar of hadith and fiqh, the example of piety, humbleness and austerity, Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Muhammad Al-Harariyy, known as Al-Habashiyy. He departed this life in the dawn of Tuesday the 2nd of Ramadan 1429 H – September 2, 2008.

Allah said:

من المؤمنين رجال صدقوا ما عاهدوا الله عليه فمنهم من قضى نحبه ومنهم من ينتظر  وما بدلوا تبديلا

It means: [There are among the believers men who were true to their covenant with Allah. Of them are men who died and others are waiting without changing their commitment to obeying Allah.]

<< إن الله لا يقبض العلم ينتزعه انتزاعا من الناس وإنما يقبض العلم بقبض العلماء >>

The Prophet said: <<Indeed, Allah does not take away religious knowledge by pulling it away from the (chests of) people. However, Allah takes the religious knowledge by taking away (inflicting death on) the scholars.

The departure of the righteous scholar Shaykh Abdullah Al-Harariyy is a great loss to the Muslims at large, to the scholars of Islam, the associations and organization who know the merits of knowledge and scholars, and the need for such a scholar at this hard time.

May Allah shower His Mercy upon you O our beloved guide. You are the one who personified piety, humbleness and austerity. You are the one who always advised us to hold on tightly to the straight Path defending it no matter how the waves of difficulties moved.

May Allah shower His Mercy upon you O our beloved guide. You are the one who taught people the Tawhid (distinguishing the Creator from the creation), the correct creed and the lawful and unlawful rulings of the Religion. You taught them how to invite people to the Religion of Allah with wisdom and good words. You showed us the way to truth and moderation.

May Allah shower His Mercy upon you the educator of generations. You are the one who taught us how to serve our own countries and seek their welfare. You taught us how to build institutions of knowledge and charitable projects.

You have been indeed the Shafi^iyy, Ash^ariyy, and Rifa^iyy of this century. We say this on behalf of all those who were edified under you and on behalf the objective people who tested men and found in you the example of the practicing scholars, piety of the forerunners, and austerity of the righteous.

May Allah shower His mercy on you O our Imam, Shaykh and Guide.

May Allah grant you His vast Paradise along with the prophets, upright, and martyrs.

To our fellow AICP members, the students and lovers of Shaykh Abdullah Al-Harariyy all over Earth, We ask Allah to grant you patience and to guide you to the good deeds. We ask Allah to facilitate for you to benefit from the legacy of Shaykh Abdullah: books and advices. These are a wealth of knowledge and ethics. We ask you to adhere to the Program of the AICP that was overseen by our late Shaykh Abdullah Al-Harariyy.

We ask Allah to raise the rank of our dear shaykh and to give the vast Pardise as the everlasting abode of bliss.

To Allah we belong and to Him we return.